As a Medium, Channel and Messenger for the Universal Consciousness, I am offering my services to all who seek answers.

Making it my life long mission and dedication to help all those in need of spiritual enlightenment and awakening, I created this site as a Gateway and Portal to the Universe.

Opening the Books of Knowledge, I will be providing you with answers about your past lives and the present. Seeking and finding for you the status of your Twin Flame / Twin Soul and the time of reunion is only one of the services I offer concerning Twin Flames / Twin Souls.

I can channel for you, all the details and facts about the Divine plan concerning your spiritual life as well as your mundane life.

Helping and guiding you in finding your own Path, I come to you as the messenger for the Universal Consciousness and Source providing Soul Coaching and Spiritual Coaching.

Come take the journey back to new beginnings with me, find answers about your own connections to the Universe. Find your milestones and stepping stones for a brighter future; along the way, open your own portal of light and take a step closer of walking through your light gate.

Services Highlights

The ultimate Twin Flame / Twin Soul
Life & Soul Path Reading
The complete Twin Flame / Twin
Soul Confirmation Reading
The Twin Flame Confirmation
Twin Flame Reconnection Activation
Consciousness expansion is one of the main benefits of this activation. Your dormant brain functions will start to become more active, especially your pineal gland. This will help you start tapping into your 7 higher senses.
Having a Lightbody activation is the beginning of your evolution from a Lightworker to a Light Being. The activation connects your upper and lower chakras with your heart chakra, your heart opens and you are surrounded in your own loving heart energy. Your cellular body and your memory base get accelerated in to higher conscious awareness, you feel more relaxed and at peace.

Free Payments

You can use the box underneath if you would like to make a donation or pay for a service for which we made a special agreement.

Do not forget to include a message and / or instructions during checkout, it is not mandatory but it will help me figuring out the reason why I get a payment.

Live Chat Consultations

Chat sessions for quick answers only ! If you want a reading or coaching services please choose one of my services and book it with me according to my schedule.

30 minutes Emergency Guidance and Advise Chat
$95.00 USD
60 minutes Guidance and Advise chat
$150.00 USD
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