About Me

Natural Born Psychic

My abilities let me: see, feel, hear, and sense.

Reiki Master / Teacher since 1989
Usui Shiki Ryoho

Life Time Lightworker

Honorary Dr. Divinity 2000

Spiritual Teacher
with the help of Source and my Spirit Guides

My Life Journey

Has taken me to places of ancient wisdom and showed me infinite possibilities.

Healer by the Grace of the Universal Source of Love and Light.

Reader of the Akashic Hall of Records, the Cosmic Library, and Guardian of the Memories Crystal.

Messenger to All.

Communicator of Ariaann.

Channel to the Council of the Ancients.

Twin Flames reunion facilitator.

For many years I have kept the records, waiting for the right time to share with this planet and all who seek answers.

I believe the time is now to share with all of you what lies behind the veil.

If you reach deep inside of you, there is a place where all the memories are kept safe, since the beginning of time.

Activation of your Light Bodies and DNA will help you with retrieving this very special information about your origins.

The activations will show and make us understand what lays ahead of us.

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