Activating and Merging with your Higher Self

The time is now. The planet is growing in to divine consciousness, we want and need to be part of of the evolution.

I will channel your higher self from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind in the first part of the activation and merging session.

During the second session I will merge both to let you experience the true and whole you. This can be a very emotional awakening, preparation is necessary before both can be achieved.


You should choose this activation if you just want me to open your channels and still want to continue working on your awakening until you feel ready for the merge.


Only after activation.

Channeling your Higher Self

This channeling is a very special communication between me and your higher self, it will answer your questions about your true calling and what is standing in your way from walking your path in the light. Only your higher self has the answers about your own immortality and the steps to take in getting back to your true self.

Please contact me so we can arrange the best possible time for this event.
Channeling your Higher Self
$195.00 USD
Activating and Merging with your Higher Self
$225.00 USD
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