Atlantian DNA Activation

This is a very special and incredible activation for all of you who believe to be of Atlantian origin and would like to retrieve your lost memories and abilities through activating your dormant DNA.

These activations are extremely emotional and you should be ready to take that step.

In some cases I will suggest you do a short soul alignment session with me first: your soul is your memory base, the sum of your existence; aligning with your soul puts you in touch with your higher self and your inner child. It removes blocks created by ego and attachements.

In any case it will be something that you will never forget.

I will contact you with all the information needed to have a successful activation once you have purchased this activation. Make sure you allow yourself up to 3 hours of undisturbed alone time. A 30 minutes live chat session following the activation is included.

Atlantian Full DNA Activation
$255.00 USD
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