Lightbody Activation

If you are ready to go to the next step in your spiritual awakening, take the first step and walk through the Portal of Light.

Having a Lightbody activation is the beginning of your evolution from a Lightworker to a Light Being. The activation connects your upper and lower chakras with your heart chakra, your heart opens and you are surrounded in your own loving heart energy.

The vibrations and frequencies of your cells are raised and your life energy gets activated to feed all of your cells. Your cellular body and your memory base get accelerated in to higher conscious awareness. Having this activation also brings other benefits such as feeling more relaxed and at peace. Your body feels lighter and you begin to enjoy life at a different pace; you no longer want to waste your time with negative feelings.

There are many other physical benefits like weight loss and new hair growth. I will be honored to take you to the door if you are ready to take this step.

If you choose the simple Lightbody Activation

The simple Lightbody activation includes preparation and activation of the first Lightbody, and is followed by a free boost about 3 weeks after the original activation.

If you choose the Lightbody Activation and Soul Alignment

This package includes preparing and activating the first 3 Lightbodies and Soul alignment, and is followed by a free boost about 3 weeks after the original activation.

Your soul is your memory base, the sum of your existence; aligning with your soul puts you in touch with your higher self and your inner child. It removes blocks created by ego and attachements.

Lightbody Activation
$325.00 USD
Lightbody Activation & Soul Alignment
$345.00 USD
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