Cosmic Lives

What are exactly cosmic lives ?

Looking beyond planet Earth and seeing the endless possibilities of other life forms raises questions about our origins.

If you believe in reincarnation, you know that we have been here many times and we return as many times as we choose to reincarnate.

It all started before the beginning of our time, before time was created. Most of us know about people who claim to have come from the Pleiades, Sirius or Arcturus to name just a few. But do you know your own origins ?

The planet we live on at the present time is very young and still evolving, but yet some of the oldest souls are part of the human population here on planet Earth. With the raising of consciousness and the spiritual awakening comes the memory of past lives. We often dream about places and people that seem very familiar to us, but yet totally strange and alien. Hidden deep inside ourselves and embedded in our original DNA lays the knowledge of all we have been and all we are. So we ask ourselves, how do I retrieve these memories and how can I be sure these are indeed my own memories ?

There are a few different ways to achieve this:

You should choose a person you trust to help you with these activations and readings, it is important to have a connection to your guide. In my over 45 years of helping people finding answers, I always made a very deep connection with my clients and stayed in contact over many years.

The answers you are getting from a cosmic life reading (for instance) can be very eye opening and often overwhelming. Not only does it show you where you came from originally, but it also shows your abilities.

At some point and time, you might sometimes wonder whether you have been dreaming about a special place or whether you really knew it. The answer is simple, chances are that you have been there and part of it in a previous life if you feel familiar with people and places in your dreams.

Most of us had a Dejà Vu experience, and some of us seem to have them all the time. Does it seem strange to you that, for instance, you know people in your vision speak a different language but you have no problem understanding what they are talking about ?

Well, you most likely really do know how to speak and you do understand; you just tapped in to your subconscious mind and found the memories of that particular life. But what if you see a place and people that look like nothing you have ever seen before, yet it feels strangely familiar to you ? You will question yourself and wonder whether your mind is playing tricks on you; after all, you have seen Stargate :)

So these alien-like creatures or people you see, waking up something inside of you, make no sense to you for all practical reasons.

Welcome to your cosmic life !

Nothing makes sense to you when you first have these impressions and visions. You start a Google search on strange dreams in most cases, hoping to find an explanation. You really want to know more now that you are ready to find out about all of these strange and almost crazy sounding ideas about cosmic lives. The problem with knowing more is that you want to know what it means for yourself once you tapped in to it.

This is were you usually end up with a person like myself, someone who offers more insight and information, customized for you. After all, you want to know whether you are indeed Pleiadian (for instance) or wether you have just been having crazy dreams.

This is when your true Journey begins. Like myself you will take a journey back to new beginnings.

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