Online Crystal Workshop

This Crystal Therapy course will take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing as we explore crystal intelligence and how crystals synchronize with the seven chakras for healing and clearing energy fields.

This course will give you a deeper understanding in one of Mother Nature's wonderful and natural therapies, and you will soon find yourself pleasantly involved in crystal energy as part of your daily life.

In addition, this course explains how to care for your crystals by cleaning, clearing and charging them to amplify their healing abilities. We will also focus on some of the ways crystals and other stones are used in healing methods, enhancing meditation, and promoting spiritual development.

This is a 3 parts course; the workshop will take place on the internet and information will be sent to you by mail. This workshop is an ongoing live session but you can also get an archived video version for a reduced price. Contact me for more information about live sessions schedules before you purchase.

First Part of the Course (1 hour)

  • Lesson 1: History of Crystal Therapy
  • Lesson 2: Choosing Your Crystals
  • Lesson 3: Processing Crystals for Theraphy

Second Part of the Course (1 hour)

  • Lesson 4: Crystal Therapy Techniques
  • Lesson 5: The Light and Dark Side of Crystals
  • Lesson 6: Crystal Harmony

Third Part of the Course (1 hour)

  • Lesson 7: Crystal Meditation
  • Lesson 8: Color Therapy, Balancing and the Metaphysical
  • Lesson 9: Crystal Journeys and Grid Systems
Online Crystal Workshop - classes 1-3
$325.00 USD
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