Twin Flame Seminar

This seminar will answer and advice on all questions concerning Twin Flames and Twin Souls based on my own experience, research and my connection to Source.

With the spiritual awakening this planet is going through, many of us have noticed re-occurring dreams about our Twin Flames.

It seems the reunion of the Twin Flames / Twin Souls has begun, and so there are many questions about it.

I will speak about my personal experience and how it has effected my life, as well different topics listed below:

  • What is a Twin Flame anyway ?
  • The difference between Twin Flames and Twin Souls.
  • The changes a Twin Flame will make in your present life.
  • How you can be sure it really is your Twin Flame ?
  • What are the signs ?
  • Why now ? Why are there so many reuniting right now ?
  • What will happen to my current relationship ?
  • What is the mission of Twin Flames ?

This is a 2 hours seminar and you will be able to ask questions only in the second part of the presentation. Reservations must be made at least one week prior to the date of the seminar. You will receive detailed information and a password in a follow-up e-mail after signing up.

The seminar is not available at the moment.
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