Chakra Balancing

Your energies centers, also called Chakras, are responsible for your overall well being. When you are balanced and grounded, you are at your full potential; your chakras are spinning and fully activated. If your chakras are out of balance, your whole system is not working correctly and you feel tired and irritated without knowing why.

An every day chakra balancing using your preferred method (such as Chakra stones, sounds, Reiki etc...) is the best way to keep you balanced. But even by doing so, it cannot always prevent you from having a problem with being unbalanced. One of the reasons for this can be an unexpected issue with a loved one or stress at work.

I am here to help in a case where you are in need of a complete and in depth balancing done. I will contact you with more information once you have purchased the session of your choice.

Chakra Balancing - 7 chakras
$88.88 USD
Chakra balancing - 9 chakras
$111.11 USD
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