Aura and Energy Field Reading

The reading will give you valuable information about your auric colors and how the colors affect your life. It is detailed and easy to read, a great tool to use if you want to understand how your auric field works.

I will explain to you why people are attracted to certain colors and the people behind them. The reading will point out what your strong points are and whether you have any abilities such as healing, psychic abilities, teaching and more.

Healing and clearing the aura provides you with a vibrant, colorful and strong auric energy field. The healing will heal all old wounds, such as: past relationships, illness, mental stress, etc... all of which can leave marks on your auric color field.

These marks often show up as dark spots and also influence the brightness of your auric field.

What are your "true" colors ?

  • Signs of a tarnished auric field feeling alone, tiredness, being detached, not attracting the right people.
    When your aura and auric field are tarnished and damaged, it is like driving a car with a dirty windshield. You cannot see clearly and often take the wrong path. Your energy is low and you feel like you are drained all the time. It affects all of your chakras and the way you communicate with people. Removing particles and remnants of past pain and hurt in your life, both physical and spiritual, is part of the cleansing and healing.
  • Signs of an healthy auric field: feeling alive, energized, healthy, people are attracted to you and want to be with you.
    A clean and healed aura is bright and full of vibrant colors. You will feel like you are inside a beautiful iridescent bubble of light and color after the cleansing, full of energy and perfectly in sync with you chakras; your chakras will be spinning at the right speed and completely balanced.

This aura cleansing includes seven chakras balancing. As an Energy Healer of many different modalities, I will asess the damage and use the right amount of healing necessary to bring you back to a balanced life.

Aura Reading, Healing and Clearing
$185.00 USD
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