Cosmic Lives Reading

Find your Cosmic Name and Origin, and re-align yourself with your original life energy.

You will find the answers to your questions as you become aware of your true origins and reunite with yourself.

Strange dreams and memories will be easier to understand and will no longer be mysteries.

This reading bring you information about your origins beyond the earthly realm, your true being and the location you came from before you incarnated on Earth. It will give you your name, origin and lives outside and before planet Earth.

The reading is also an opportunity for a Soul Alignment: your soul is your memory base, the sum of your existence. Aligning with your soul puts you in touch with your higher self and your inner child. It removes blocks created by ego and attachements.

Please check my Cosmic Lives article for more information !
Cosmic Life Reading
$185.00 USD
Cosmic Life Reading with Soul Alignment
$225.00 USD
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