Awaken the Inner You Course

Soul Coaching Program

These awakening sessions include a one hour session at the beginning to explore your positive and negative abilities, followed by six 30 minutes sessions.

We will find all negative energies and blocks standing in your way and preventing you from improving your life during the first session, and we will remove the blocks together to start creating new possibilities for you during the six 30 minutes sessions.

Your life’s purpose and mission

  • Do you have natural gifts and abilities, beyond a healthy intuition ?
  • What is blocking you from being in alignment with the Divine ?
  • How did past choices affect your life, and how do negative energies continue to manifest in your life ?
  • What would bring you true happiness, love and fulfillment in your present life ?
  • Establish who are the people or negative influences that keep you from moving in the right direction.

We will work together on solutions after we accomplished identifying these issues.

  • The first 30 minutes session will be a healing and cleansing session, free of judgment and full of love.
  • In the following sessions we will work on resolving and releasing all negative blocks.
  • We will align your Soul with the Divine and your Inner Self.
  • Adressing the issues, we will determine how to remove fear and the feeling of being helpless in every day life situation. You will learn manifesting love, peace and abundance back into your life.

In the last session we will set achievable goals for yourself, and explore how to use intention to complete them.

I will provide you with your natal charts and an astrological outlook after completion of the program. It never hurts to know more about your self.

The charts and reports are free.

In addition I will offer you one free emergency call of 30 minutes after the second session. Despites all good intentions, we sometimes fall back into old patterns and we need help. Should you need my help, I will always be there for you, to pick you up and guide you.

I offer single sessions for ongoing help, should you decide to continue exploring and learning more about yourself and the connection with the Universe.

The Seven Sessions Coaching Program includes a free natal chart and a 15 minute free astrological outlook session. You will also get to know me before we start.

The sessions are customized for your needs. The timing is based on my availability and schedule.

Soul Coach
Soul Coaching Program (7 sessions)
$600.00 USD
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