Enhance your Abilities

Do you want to learn more about your past lives and your abilities ?

offers coaching to detect, understand and learn how to use your intuition and healing abilities.

Channeling important information from your guides, a variety of subjects will be discussed depending on each person's specific goals and level of spiritual development.

Be the One the Universe wants You to Be ! Spread your Light and Be the Light !

Learning how to enhance and work with your abilities is essential for you to grow and live at your full potential.

The coaching consists in 2 sessions of one hour and will be tailored according to your own needs and abilities. Sessions are conducted in person or via Skype and can be recorded.

Each session will include time for questions and a discussion of what energies are coming up for release, an activity specifically designed to help you with your spiritual goals and your intuitive abilities.

Soul, Life and Spiritual coaching can be done individually or on a monthly basis. We will come up with a unique plan tailored to your specific needs and spiritual goals together.

  • Would you like to increase your abilities to tune into your guides and masters ?
  • Would you like to have more confidence in yourself ?
  • Would you like to increase your ability to manifest people and resources in your life ?

Take the first step, check my schedule and contact me to set up your appointments today.

Finding & Using your Abilities Coaching (2 * 1 hour)
$355.00 USD
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