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Hello my dear Cirrias! From the deepest of my heart I want to thank you so so much for doing this truly great reading for me and more so for giving me such a breathtaking starting impulse for calling back all my memories in time. I can feel that I must have waited many many many lifetimes for this to occur. Honestly I had to read your lines over and over again...it was almost like time standing still for me. It felt like a long forgotten vague dream getting it's shape and beautiful colours again. I was very impressed to recognize myself in these descriptions...as I sat reading it tears streamed down my face as my heart remembered... AMAZING. Your reading answered so many questions and in a way I feel more complete now. I look forward to continuing on this incredibly fantastic journey. Again, thank you so much for opening the doors a little bit more! I guess I will definitely retaining your services again and will be of course referring you to other lightworking friends. I wish you a wonderful weekend! Namaste.Blessings of Love and Light to you Cirrias. In loving gratitude...

Heidi Germany

Oh, Cirrias, my friend.You have given me the greatest gift I have ever received.I am so grateful to you for bringing these messages to me.I finally feel at peace with myself and my purpose here.I had hoped I was the voice for the helpless and hopeless, but was unsure that I was worthy enough for such an important role. I thank you for your gift and thank the Universe for leading me to you.Maybe God bless you in all things. Much love,


Cirrias, My life changed that day I met you in Orlando. I was just starting to wake up and you suggested what the truth really is. It took me almost two years to understand, and now I not only understand, I KNOW! There are synchronicities every day, several times a day that can't be put off as coincidence. Thanks to your readings, I am feeling the deep connections between my kids and I, and also to the Universe, to where I'mfrom and what my mission is in this life. You confirmed the strong feelings I had (or should I say knowings)about my son, "feelings" I had from the beginning of my pregnancy, the truth about his being. When I first saw his beautiful face, I wasn't meeting him for the first time, I knew him, I know him. Thanks to your reading for my daughter, she is so interested in "history," our true history. Raising my children the light is the best thing I can for them as their Mother. I know my connection to the ancient, sacred feminine and that my passion for history, truth, and physics is such because I have the information inside me, I'm remembering it now! Not as pictures in my mind, but a deep, undoubtable feeling of knowing. Many times in my life I have been depressed and tired, but in my soul I knew I'm on Earth for a special reason. That I couldn't give up no matter how much it hurt to live, and now I know what that reason is. Your readings put all the pieces together, thank you, my heart is full of love for you.

Natasha Las Vegas

Thank you so much dear Cirrias for your wonderful readings! They have helped me so much to understand more about myself. It was such a joy reading them, they made me smile, cry and gave me goosebumps. You have an amazing gift, thank you so much for sharing it. I am sure I will come back soon for more readings. Much love and light to you!


Thanks so much! totally resonates with my life feelings, interests and journey! love and light

shri devi

Cirrias, Thank you for a most amazing cosmic reading! Your access to my ancient records was a blessing and answered many questions for me. Two of the lifetimes you chronicled for me were directly validated by two recent events in this lifetime. The results of the reading were uplifting to me. I have a renewed commitment to my purpose of this lifetime, thank you. May I also thank you for validating my long held suspicion that I am indeed of Pleiadian origin! I will be arranging for another reading soon! Much Love,

Deborah L. United States

Hello Cirrias This is Peter, I'm absolutely amazed by what I read. I would love some help or advice on how to activate my DNA and light body (s). Its a lot of information so I'm still going through it all it's kinda hard to wrap my head around it all and understand it fully. Are akashic records like this common? I have to be honest I did expect anything like this. Thank you very much


Cirrias, You were so right about my soul's purpose. I knew deep in my heart that I was here to be a teacher, healer, and seeker. I already am an elementary teacher and I have always seen the potential in others, more so than any negative traits they think they have. I have been learning REIKI and last month I purchased The Pleiadian Workbook to heal myself first, then hopefully help others. Also, I spend my time seeking knowledge and searching for the "Truth" about life. It's amazing that you knew that. I am obsessed with Lemuria and Atlantis and I can't wait to find out about my lives there. Thank you for helping me to see the "real" me and building my confidence. You are truly are a lightworker and you give people the strength and purpose to carry on with their own life purpose!!! Bless You!!!!


Thank u so much it is very clear too me everything u wrote, u have me 2 a T. thats was a wonderful thing u have done for me.xx love and light remyxx Thank you so much,Cirrias.What a wonderful reading and enlightenment for me.I’m so sorry you are working on Christmas Day though. I hope you find some time to relax, find peace, and enjoy the holidays. Many thanks for this note.You have helped me step forward again.It’s not always easy, but it’s always needed. Bless you,


My dear Cirrias, Wow! This is fantastic! How wonderful it is to discover the good karma from past lives. Whew! What a relief! *giggling* I'd like you to know that these records "speak to me." And I am so very grateful for your help and expertise. I would recommend you in a heartbeat without hesitation to anyone looking for this kind of service and information. Did I mention you're awesome? *giggle* Thank you, Cirrias. Namaste!


Thank you so much Cirrias for the wonderful reading. As you know, this was my first Akashic Records reading so I was a little bit nervous. Had no idea what to expect and looking back I realize I also was afraid of what was in my "book." Not that I thought it would be bad, but maybe that it just wouldn't make any sense to me for this lifetime. I am thrilled with the info you were able to bring back for me as it was not only more validation in many areas, but like I told you, you were able to finally get more details on a life that I have been getting tidbits about on my own and from other readins the last few years. No one's been able to zoom in closer, but you were. It was a fantastic reading. And if that wasn't enough, your availability after to answer a few questions was very much appreciated. I am so glad to have "stumbled" onto your site, though you and I both know, there is no "stumble." It was "time." :-) *hugs*

Yvonne M.

Dear Cirrias, Thank you so much. I don’t know what to say, you are extraordinarily gifted ! You access knowledge that I thought nobody else would know or understand, but far beyond my own understanding and all I had was about vague intuitions and a lot of questions. Your gift is nothing less than giving people the keys to their heart and their true nature. I will read your lines several times and will work out each of your advices. Every single warning/advice is absolutely correct, and I recognize these are the keys for finding my soul back and reconnect to the divine nature (which I really miss now). THANK YOU Love and light Cirrias, and let my warm energy fly to you.


First of all.. Thank you for arriving into my life when I needed to meet you. The reading that you have sent to me is amazing. I found when reading it the first time that all you found rang true to me.I am enjoying my journey very much and always look forward to what the next step shall be. Thank you so very much for bringing these records to me.. Blessings of Love and Light to you Cirrias. In loving gratitude..


I thank you very much for the work of reading you made for me. I was very impressed to recognize myself in these descriptions. Thank you my dear light Sister. You contributed in renforcing my self confidence through these revelations. Respect, Love and Light for you

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