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Hi Cirrias, Wow, I had goosebumps while reading. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Everything made so much sense =) and sounds like me down to a tea. And I love clear quartz, I have some in my home that I charge in the sun and like to look at. How do you suggest mediating with clear quartz? Thank you again for you sharing this information with me. Enjoy your evening,


Hi Cirrias, Wow! That was quite incredible! I was shaking the whole time I was reading it :) It brought so much into perspective and made sense of so many things! I'm honored that it was so exciting for you as well! I look forward to continuing on this incredible journey. Thank you so much for opening the doors.


This may sound strange but as i was reading this i coud actually faintly remember flashes of this life... What a great experience and i thank you sooo much. I have to admit this made me a bit emotional reading, and had constant goosebumps and body rushes while reading, thank you so much again.


Dearest Cirrias, Thank you, Thank you so very much for my Akashic Record Reading. I feel very overwhelmed its amazing. Once again thank you so very much. Love,Light,Laughter & Fun


My dear Sister, I would like to thank you for the interesting reading of which I am so happy to recieve. I want to ask you one thing about the reading at that is am I from Sirius A or B ? As you stated from the akashic records that I originally came from the brightest star in the night sky. Please clearify this for me as soon as possible. I thank you once again in Peace,Love and Harmony

Joseph She-La-Ma

Hi Cirrias, I just wanted to thank you very much for doing my akashic records reading so quickly. As I sat reading it tears streamed down my face as my heart remembered. Rainbow Blessings,

Luna xxx

Thank you again for helping my heart remember and fit the missing pieces to the puzzle that I was aware of. My akashic records reading was very emotional and I will e-mail you soon with details of why. Rainbow Blessings & Oceans Of Love,

Luna xxx

Since I have received your reading I've noticed a positive change in my outlook. I awoke this morning feeling that I had been in the presence of someone who is full of compassion and joy. I felt quite blissful within and empowered.I feel my connection with the Pleiadians has been considerably strengthened. Thank you so much for your help. Peace and Light,


I got the reading and I am very grateful to you for your help and insight. I feel I am close to a meaningful breakthrough in my journey and the warmth the reading stirred inside me is truly an inspiration. I do have one question that may sound silly, how do you pronounce Cirrias? I want to say it properly when I do my gratitude prayers!


Wow, Cirrias. THANK YOU. :) Smiling :) That was wonderful :) Love and Light :)


Hi! I read your email...it was so good! Everything you said made so much sense. There's no way you could have known that about me. You truly have a gift. Thank you so much it answered so many questions and in a way I feel more complete.


Dearest Cirrias! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everything you channeled sings through to the core of my being!


Dear Cirrias I can't tell you enough how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you! I know your wisdom and guidance will be instrumental in my personal journey.I hope I can offer as much in return


Very interesting...all of that really resonated with me. I wondered if the sister in my first life is the brother I lost in this life. The numerology and life path info was spot-on. Thank you so much!!


Hey there, I wanted to thank you again for the session yesterday. It was really interesting and an enjoyable experience. Thank you again. It was a great pleasure meating you yesterday and spending sometime with you. We'll do it again soon.


Wow, Thank you! You're right..I do know in my heart. I'm always afraid of making the wrong choices..and as for attracting bad people... I always want to fix everyone I date! lol. That must be the healer in me. You're such a loving and wise soul. I hope to be like that someday. Thank you for guiding me. It's weird cause even though we haven't talked on the phone or met it feels like I've known you before or something.lol. And thank you for going back to my first couple of lives on earth..that meant a lot to me. At some point within the next month I would love to get a reading of my life before this one if you ever have the time. Thanks again! You're the best! Blessings to you always! Love,


First I want to thank you for the beauty of the reading , it is wonderful , I enjoyed it very much as the work of art it is. Now for the information it is also very wonderful , and speaks to what I have known myself for a long time , at 4 years old I knew most of this and within my teenage years got the rest , I was surprised you got the subtle things about my childhood and about me now that are physical. I feel , I hope , I love , I Am , Thank you again so much


The universe has brought me to Cirrias website when I needed it most. I have been searching for answers... The reading was wonderfully done and sacred. It resonated with how I feel and it is as though I am unfolding something deep in my heart and memories with the help of Cirrias. Eventually, I recognise the reason why my twin choose not to remember me as much as I do as it is one of the lessons he is assisting me to learn and grow. The bond is there and it will always be... The past lives reading also boosted my confidence of my healing ability which I want to regain to help humanity. Heartfelt thanks to Cirrias.

M. Singapore
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