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AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much - this sent chills up my "spine" as I read it...there were definitely aspects that popped out and resonated with me. You are truly gifted and thank you for all that you do. I will be referring you to others as well as retaining your services in the future :-). Cosmic Blessings,


Hi Cirrias, I have the utmost respect and admiration for you especially after watching the videos you sent me. You have literally gone back in time in my life the past two years prior to this one and shown me the folly of my thinking processes at that time. I wish I had met you earlier. That being said I feel you have tremendous depth and understanding about someone like me and that the universe has led me to you to learn and grow in my spiritual evolution. You're the kind of person I truly resonate with as far as my beliefs about life are concerned. I hope to continue corresponding with you and hopefully you will have the time and patience to deal with my inquiries. I will ponder over what you said in these videos.Thank you very much, if ever I needed a friend when I most needed one it's been you. Peace, Love and Light.


Dear Cirrias, I wept when I read your message, it resonated deep within my soul………. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this reading. Love.


Hi Cirrias I really felt it was very profound. There was a layer moved on but it was a layer of great trauma and pain. I could see the angels administering great healing to this and comforting the voids that were left behind comforting the wounds in a sensitive way. Great joy is flowing in now. I can't thank you enough. This will hopefully ease my pain. Quantum Blessings.


Hi Cirrias I just want to thank you for the amazing reading you've done for me. It truly has blown me away and I did not realise how deep you could actually go with the records. I am reading this at work but will reply properly as I have a few questions for you also. Thank you also for the birth chart and also for the meditation you sent before. It was spot on to what I needed! I am honoured to know you and I bow in respect love and light to the truth with you, Namaste :) Thanks again and I'll be in touch soon :)


Dear Cirrias, Honestly, that was just the loveliest reading ....ever....! You and I must be Soul friends, because even though we just communicate through email occasionally I feel so comfortable and connected with you, I'm convinced we already know each other. I really honor your Soul and the work you've taken on in this life. It was no small feat to lead the way and help the rest us with this Ascension energy. Amazing!


I would highly encourage anyone considering receiving a reading from Cirrias to do so. Each reading I have had with her has resonated very deeply with me. She was able to bring information forth from my soul that was exactly what I was searching for and so the concerns I had been struggling with. She presents the information in a kind, compassionate manner which I really appreciated. Cirrias is a loving and gifted teacher/healer, and I consider myself very fortunate to have found her!


Dear Cirrias, I wept when I read your message, it resonated deep within my soul……….Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this reading. Love.

Ps: I will come back to you when the next middle age crisis hits me ;)

Have a wonderful day.


Dear Cirrias, Thank you for yesterday, as always. Today I feel incredibly happy for no reason. Love.


WOW! Cirrias!! The reading was fascinating and indeed I recognized my lives in as much as the information rang a bell.. confirmed deep within me. I will study it further this evening when everyone is asleep. Needless to say all the information re my reunion with the beloved is a well-known feeling...so very familiar... just as you described it. It is so TRUE that nothing could convince me of it not being truth... so I must thank you for a most enlightening reading one that has enriched my heart and soul and one that has finally confirmed what I have felt for years... :) I am sending love to you dear Cirrias and truly am grateful for all you have assisted me with... Much love to you dear soul-sister may you continue to help all those that cross your path :) Blessings to you and your beloved.


Hi Cirrias, Thank you so much for the amazing, informative and detailed readings. They resonate well with me especially my cosmic readings. I still love to travel, meet people, see places and broaden my knowledge. I am very curious about spiritual matters, my past lives and the future :) With Best Regards.


Cirrias, First, I want to say "Thank You" for the reading. In our few exchanges over the past few years, I experienced an instant familiarity with you and your mission, and have had the good fortune of you passing exactly the right thing to me precisely when I needed it the most. I truly appreciate your counsel and recognize this is not the first time you have provided this sort of counsel to me. We have definitely done this before. Thanks again, Cirrias, for everything. I can tell that you have always been there for me when I needed it the most, and this time is no different. I will figure out what all of this means and I continue to move down the path. Meanwhile, wishing you the brightest in Love and light!


Thank you sooooooooooooo much!! It is so funny how right on the daily one has been! I went to your website :) Have a wonderful day and again thank you so much!! I am off to reread my charts!!


Thank you so very much. All of it resonates, all of it. I don't have any questions at this point, just gratitude. You are a beautiful and wise soul Cirrias. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Many blessings,


Oh, bless your heart, Cirrias! This is just the information I needed to help me get through even just the next few weeks. Bows & blessings to you. Love,


I felt a shiver run down my spine when I read your reading. It was very accurate, thank you so much, you have a lifelong client in me.

N. A.

Thank you Cirrias, It totally resonates! This information is going to help me heal even more, mainly, because now I can be at peace. I can easily let go of any expectations and I have plenty of patience that my TF/TS will meet in divine right timing. You've helped me sooo much. With love and gratitude.

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